Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Sales

Here is a link to our sister site regarding Labor Day Sales. Labor Day Furniture Sales...what to expect.

Friday, August 29, 2014 - Our sister site is the sister site to Launched over the last few months, this site provides information for consumers before, during and after the furniture shopping process. Visitors will be able to find a store by zip code as well as research manufacturers.

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

On a roll....cushion covers on the move!

On a roll...random shots in a furniture store of cushion covers on the move. Your cushions will take much more wear and tear in everyday use. The covers on these cushions are already rolling on this floor sample. Good cushioning will have some type of wrap or topper on top of the foam core that keeps the cushion covers from migrating and moving. A layer of Dacron Fiber is often adhered to the top of the foam core to keep the cushion cover from moving. The Dacron may serve to purposes, the first to keep the cushion cover from migrating and secondly it may add a layer of comfort.Notice how the covers are moving and the lines are not straight. If the floor sample looks like this in the store then you can bet on your cushions not looking good for very long in your home and with everyday use. Cushions should have nice even lines and fit properly. Some of the problem shown here may be the result of improper sizing of the cushion cover (also called a casing by us furniture folks) or improper size of the foam core. Even though this item was made by a major furniture manufacturer in a mass production method, it is still vulnerable to human error. Be sure to ask about the quality of the cushioning when you go to purchase that new sofa, loveseat or sectional for your living room. For our complete library of how to buy articles click here.
notice the seams running crooked and rolling to the top of the cushion

How the Brain Shops, and Why It Likes Online Shopping

How the Brain Shops, and Why It Likes Online Shopping:
Hopefully by now, it's becoming common knowledge in our industry that our customers (mostly women) are spending their shopping time online. Instead of beating a dead horse and discussing that fact in more depth, with this blog post I'd like to explore a little more about the ‘why?' factor: Why is she shopping online? She's shopping online for a number of reasons, but here are the top drivers: • It...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

While we're waiting.....

While we're takes time to make the right choice for our home. In today's world of mass production a special custom order of furniture seems to take an eternity to arrive. Consider taking the time to really customize the sofa or loveseat or chairs for your home. Better quality furniture stores will offer a wide array of special order fabrics to make your furniture special and unique to your home. Many fine furniture retailers will also give you free design advice for your room. Finding just the right fabric and color combination to fit the decor of your room might be worth the wait. If you plan on buying quality furniture that you will keep for an extended period then consider a special custom order. Be prepared to wait from 6 - 12 weeks for a true custom ordered item to arrive. Some of the chain stores will also offer limited options of a smaller number of fabrics that may be used on specific items. For example, a particular sofa (couch) might have a selection of 6 - 10 fabrics that may be put on that sofa for the same or slightly higher price. These are called "value packs" in the industry. Generally the manufacturers of these items commit to keeping these fabrics in stock and able to put into regular production cycles. This can shorten the wait time dramatically and still provide some customization for your home furnishings. A well run furniture store will keep you posted on the progress of your order and you will not have to wait to see the "white smoke" to know your furniture has arrived. A quality retail salesperson should keep you posted on the progress or any delays of your special order. Most special orders will require a 25 - 50% non refundable deposit. Thus you think and decide carefully before doing a special order

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Does the Quality Match the Financing?

Is long term financing right for your furniture purchase? No doubt that there are some great finance offers by furniture stores. Up to 5 Years with no interest is really a great deal. However, be sure that the quality of the furniture you buy will last as long as you plan to pay for it. Finding quality in furniture is as simple as asking questions. If it is a sofa then ask about the frame construction. Since sofas get a lot of use, the internal frame should be made of kiln dried hardwood and reinforced by corner blocks and assembled with glue in all joints. Parts of the frame assembled with dowels along with corner blocks are really the best. Staples used to secure frame parts are okay but screws are even better. Unfortunately sofas don't always allow you to see all of the internal framing aspects. A well trained sales associate should be able to answer your questions and explain the quality differences. If they are willing to turn the sofa upside down and pull away the dust cover you should be able to see parts of the frame and they should be able to give you more information. Buying furniture does not have to be a frightening experience but a little knowledge can help you make the best possible buying decision for you and your budget.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where are the good deals?

Furniture and Home Furnishings stores have had quite a wild ride over the last few years. With this industry tied to the fate of home sales and housing starts, there is no doubt that furniture retailers are "swinging hard". Many stores are now promoting sales and savings of 50 to 80% off. Is this true? What has always been a challenge for the furniture shopper is even more challenging today? The real key is to ignore the savings claims and begin by comparing quality features. Of course the other aspect of finding a good deal rests in your needs. There is truth to the adage, "you get what you pay for". Do your research by asking questions of yourself and your family. How do you plan to use the furniture? Is it form or function? In other words, is this a piece that will simply sit in your "living room" for show or is it a piece that will be used everyday. Furniture is an investment. Do your homework as to your needs and do not be fooled by the hype of advertising. It is kind of like the "side show" at the circus. Some one entices you in with promises of exotic or unique entertainment. The proof is in the performance.
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is Free Delivery really free?

Is free delivery really free? If a store is offering free delivery then it would be wise to take a careful look at the price of the furniture. It costs a retailer to own, operate and maintain a delivery truck. If a retailer is offering free delivery then you should know that the cost of running a truck and paying the employees is hidden in the price of the merchandise. Why customers are fooled by this process is hard to understand. The key to making certain you are not paying to much is to do your homework . If possible you should compare prices on the furniture you selected at other stores to make certain that the asking price including the free delivery is competitive. Ask the salesperson if you can get a discount for picking up the product and avoid having it delivered. Local and normal delivery charges can run from 3 to 5% of the merchandise total and should include complete unboxing and setup in your home. Some furniture stores are willing to concede the cost of delivery as merely the cost of doing business. However, deliveries to distances outside of the normal trading area of the store may incur additonal charges. Is paying for delivery worth the addtional cost? I would suggest that the process of unboxing and moving furniture is not as easy as it looks. Unless you have experience, it is recommended that you pay a nominal fee to have this accomplished and save your back.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Planning your space

Failure to plan is the most common mistake people make when shopping for new furniture and home furnishings. Will the furniture fit through the door? How much space is acceptable between the furniture that will be placed in the room. Will my existing furniture work well with the new items I have selected. This Room and Furniture Layout Kit can help with this process.Read about designing for small spaces.