Wednesday, March 13, 2013

While we're waiting.....

While we're takes time to make the right choice for our home. In today's world of mass production a special custom order of furniture seems to take an eternity to arrive. Consider taking the time to really customize the sofa or loveseat or chairs for your home. Better quality furniture stores will offer a wide array of special order fabrics to make your furniture special and unique to your home. Many fine furniture retailers will also give you free design advice for your room. Finding just the right fabric and color combination to fit the decor of your room might be worth the wait. If you plan on buying quality furniture that you will keep for an extended period then consider a special custom order. Be prepared to wait from 6 - 12 weeks for a true custom ordered item to arrive. Some of the chain stores will also offer limited options of a smaller number of fabrics that may be used on specific items. For example, a particular sofa (couch) might have a selection of 6 - 10 fabrics that may be put on that sofa for the same or slightly higher price. These are called "value packs" in the industry. Generally the manufacturers of these items commit to keeping these fabrics in stock and able to put into regular production cycles. This can shorten the wait time dramatically and still provide some customization for your home furnishings. A well run furniture store will keep you posted on the progress of your order and you will not have to wait to see the "white smoke" to know your furniture has arrived. A quality retail salesperson should keep you posted on the progress or any delays of your special order. Most special orders will require a 25 - 50% non refundable deposit. Thus you think and decide carefully before doing a special order

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